My Objectives

  • It’s important to know you as well as I can so that I can better serve you.
  • I make it very easy to shop for your wardrobe needs because I come directly to you at your office or home when you prefer to meet. How easy is that!
  • To sell you quality menswear from respected suppliers from Canada, US and Europe.

Advantages: Get Expert Advice   Save Time   Save Money   Better Selection   Better Fit


Get Expert Advice As a wardrobe consultant for the past 40 years, I’ve experienced menswear from more perspectives that most in the industry have experienced. Running my own quality menswear store for 11 years gave me a better understanding of the overall view of menswear and its relationship with the customer. Most clothiers prefer to not be involved in running a store and that’s okay. However, I believe being a menswear entrepreneur has taught me a lot, and I use this knowledge to better serve my clients.

Running my own menswear store has meant that I was busy with a lot of tasks but serving clients was the most rewarding for me. When I serve you, I use the experience of fitting thousands of suits by some of the finest clothing makers in the world to help them. I have decades of understanding and dealing with fashion which gives me a unique, professional perspective that is useful for you.


Save Time I know you are busy and probably don’t have a lot of time to shop or don’t like to shop. I understand this and aim to resolve this challenge by going directly to your home or office when it suits you. I follow safety protocols and honour your space and considerations when I meet with you. I will make it easy for you to meet your clothing needs.


Save Money There is no middleman! You save $$$$. The expense with running a store and paying for name brands is not a consideration with the menswear I sell. It’s like you’re buying direct from the factory except that you get my expertise. You don’t pay for my service.


Better Selection You choose from a factory’s inventory Instead of relying on what a store offers. A store is unable to compete with what I can offer.


Better Fit Most of my business is custom. This is the ultimate experience because I create patterns to fit the build and posture of my client. Every company’s product has a unique pattern. My job is make sure that you get right product and get you the proper fit you will enjoy wearing. I spare no expense to get this right even if my client is unaware of the fit issue – honesty will always prevail.


How Does The Service Work

1. We would typically first meet either by a referral, on the phone, a network event, at a public event, social media venue or my website. You would either tell me you are in the market to add to your wardrobe or that you would like to meet me to know more about my service.


2. You may also request that we first approach by seeing what I have by me emailing you product ideas or that you would like to view my products on a website. If you are still interested, then I would recommend we meet.


3. From this point I would take the necessary time to prepare some ideas to show you when we meet. In other words, I come prepared making better use of our time.


4. Our first initial meeting may take place at your home or office with all the safety protocols and considerations to make it comfortable for you. The meeting may take half an hour to an hour depending on whether you decide to order menswear. You have an option for a ‘closet review’ performed, which is conducted at your home and takes one and half hours to two hours (only done once). It’s highly recommended to have a ‘closet review’ as you’ll be able to determine what clothing you have and what you may need. I’m able to make adjustments to your clothing and make recommendations for future purchases that will ensure you have your ideal wardrobe. More information about the closet review is listed on a separate web page. I won’t try to sell you. It’s entirely up to you to decide what you need.


5. If you purchase some menswear I usually require ½ of the total purchase price as deposit. I carry some products but most is ordered. Ready-made orders can take up to 3 weeks depending if it is inventoried in Canada or comes if comes from Europe or US.

Custom clothing orders can take up 3 to 5 weeks to produce depending if it’s a suit or shirt then is shipped to me which can take 7-10 days unless it’s rushed.


6. As soon as your order arrives, I’ll contact you quickly to arrange a meeting at your earliest convenience. If this is your first order with me, some of your clothing may need adjustments and this is done when we meet. However, if it’s your second order and the same type of product, your clothing adjustments are completed prior to delivery, so you are ready to wear your new clothing. The balance of the invoice is paid once the order is delivered and complete. You may pay for extra alterations if needed.