Description & How it Works

"As a personal clothier, I have experienced first hand that most men's closets could be managed more efficiently. People tend to collect clothing even if it doesn't fit or is outdated. They find it hard to purge.

I offer a free service where I come to your home when its convenient and offer a one-time service whereby I evaluate your wardrobe so that it is all working properly and fits your lifestyle.

I will alter or fix your clothing so that it will be worn. People usually ignore ill-fitting clothes. Most of the time this happens because there is not enough time to get this work done.

Your wardrobe is an investment. You are wasting your money when you do not wear the clothing or when it's purchased incorrectly.

I will offer honest advice with ideas of what you need to replace or add so that your wardrobe is appropriate with what you do. I will not try to sell you.

Most clients focus on their work clothing. An ideal rotation is two weeks or ten different outfits.

If you are interested in this free worthwhile service - contact me @ Cell (250) 616-1158”