In 2004, I built a new professional building for my Accounting Practice. My office has a beautiful view of Long Lake and I especially enjoy the beauty of the lake early in the morning.


Having seen Derek's work before, I asked him to paint the lake which resulted in a painting named, Sunrise at Long Lake which hangs in my office.


The painting is mesmerizing in that it seems like it is changing colours as the lighting as the lighting in my office changes. In the ten years which I have owned the painting, I have literally hundreds of my clients make a point of telling me what a stunning painting that I have in my office.


Doug Johnston


I have known Derek Rickwood for over 30 years. I have used his talents as both a haberdasher and Artist. Derek impressed me with his tremendous artistic Abilities. I requested him to create a painting from my photos of travelling adventures around the world. I am pleased with his works they still adorn my business office and my home.


The first painting was commissioned in 1986 after I saw an impressive oil painting replica of Renoir’s Spring Bouquet. I asked him if he would create a painting from a photograph I took of a popular Vancouver Island eagle’s roost. The painting entitled, Eagle Point, is beautiful and many people have commented on this painting that hangs in my home. In 1995, I asked Derek if he would create another painting for my office entitled, Noon at Cascais. He chose an image of a famous beach scene in Cascais, Portugal, that I took while visiting the area. This scene depicted children playing on the beach by the ocean and as a result, when people visit my office, they are always amazed by the beauty of the painting. Both of these lovely painting images were placed on greeting cards that I now send to friends and clients.


Derek is a gifted artist and a professional individual. In all the years I’ve known him, I’ve seen him grow as an artist and business person. When Derek works on painting, he has the ability to work from small photographs, create realistic scenes, and keep a record of his process. One thing I enjoyed was the photographs he took of the work in progress and the journal he kept while he worked. This added a high degree to his professionalism as an artist. I would highly recommend Derek for any artistic project you might consider. Thank you Derek for blending your artistic talents and my photo images to make my life, and the world, a more inspiring place to be. Good luck on your future projects and business.


Sincerely your good friend and associate,


David J. Strang, CFP


In 1999, I had personally commissioned Derek to paint a scene from a photograph that I had taken which I had titled ‘Mystic Forest’. The scene was a moss covered forest shot on a foggy day near Octopus Point on Vancouver Island and it was reminiscent of something straight out of a Disney Movie. From the negative of that photograph, Derek created an enlargement as the basis for the scene he was to paint. Over a period of 10 to 12 months, Derek laid layer upon layer of oil to the canvass, careful to photograph his progress, for a record of the commissioned work. I would periodically check in with Derek and occasionally, I witnessed the work in progress, always more impressed than the previous visit.


I was struck by the detail and skill required to “build up” the oil paint on the canvass, with the new layer being laid over the previous layer which was not yet dry. This process gave rise to the emergence of a 3-D effect within the painting. At the completion of the work, Derek gave me an opportunity to view the painting and I was completely amazed. I had planned an unveiling party, which coincided with our 15th anniversary, and we invited Derek and Lisa to attend. The unveiling was a success and all of the guests were very impressed with Derek’s work. To this day, both Patty and I still marvel at the beauty and skill that captured that original photograph shot in October 1997.


Thank you, Derek.




Dave Kirk