Welcome to Derek Rickwood’s beautiful art site.


Derek Rickwood is an accomplished and talented Vancouver Island oil painter for over 30 years. He focuses on three types of clients: individuals, interior designers and golf course owners.


For the individual looking for a one-of-a-kind art piece for a wedding, anniversary, retirement or other special occasion - it's an ideal sentimental gift that will last for generations to come. Or, you desire a beautiful painting that reminds you of a place you visited…


Derek's art will also appeal to interior designers who are looking for a beautiful landscape painting for a particular wall in a client's home or business.


As of recently, Derek is going after a niche market. His realistic style landscape paintings are a perfect match for the golf industry. His paintings will capture the course's stunning views. They will enhance the club house interiors and the painting's beautiful images can be also used to help market or promote the course.


There’s no limit to what he can paint – just the limits of your imagination.


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