Derek Rickwood expects to gain a respectful reputation in the art world. He believes by acquiring his artwork his customers will be a part of reputation. His customers have in fact invested in reputation.


With his experience in business and public speaking he intends offer more to his customers than might be expected. He would enjoy participating in the unveiling of his work in a social setting or help his customer create effective marketing material from of his artwork.


Derek would create a custom painting that would fulfill a particular need for a customer's interior wall at a business or residence.


Price of the commission is based on the following criteria:

o Size of the art

o Difficulty of the desired image

o The timeframe the art needs to be completed

o The type of artwork surface – canvas or wall structure


The following information is a typical wall commission price.

1. Sizes Up To 3 x 3'      $5,000.00

2. Size 3 x 4'  $7,500.00

3 Size 4 x 5'  $10,000.00